Reply to morons who claim Lincoln was a tyrant

The Taliban are group of thugs who spout religion as the basis of their actions.   They claim they just do the will of God.  They want you to believe it  just so happens they get power prestige and total control of the women -- as a result.  Anyone who resists the Taliban are executed -- often in gruesome ways.

 Which is a lot like  Confederacy. The Confederates were a group of violent men who regularly beat anyone who resisted, and executed anyone who rebelled.

But Confederates did things the Taliban would not do.  They sold children routinely -- in fact, selling children made more money for slave owners like Lee, Davis and other Confederate leaders, than anything else.  

Confederate leaders bragged that  their new nation "was founded on the great moral truth"  that "Almighty God"  ordained the white man to enslave the black race.

How dare the North call slavery a sin, Davis and other Confederate leaders declared.  Davis said in Boston, in the same month LIncoln spoke in Peoria, that the North should not tell the South that slavery was a sin -- the bible said otherwise.

 South Carolina was so offended that someone in the North said slavery was a sin, that they mentioned in their official Declaration of Secession that the North was making a "religious error".

As Alexander Stephens admitted years later -- much of what he saw going on in the name of God, to black women, "was disgusting".   No doubt  meant the rape of slaves, and selling of children.     He did not mean slavery itself - he was a major advocate of slavery. 

Who were the tyrants? The slave rapers and child sellers?  Or the man who stood up to them?

Lincoln stood up to the tyrants.  He eventually kicked their ass and their decendants and apologists  are crying bout it to this day.

 Lincon would not let slavery spread -- the Republican party's main goal was to first stop the spread of slavery. 

The South was furious that Lincoln was elected, and just as they had threatened all during the campaign of 1860,  they used violence to secede.    Lincoln told them not to use violence -- but they did.

Of course they used violence -- they were violent thugs. They got their power from violence - they got slaves, and kept slaves, and sold slaves, by violence.     Violence was their real religion -- it's what they really believed in.

In fact, much of what the South in 1860 was like the Taliban speaking today.  It was "God's will" and anyone who resisted God's will had to be attacked.   Slaves who dared to rebel were executed in gruesome violent ways - beheadings even, just like the Taliban.

Then the men who had burned, raped, beheaded, beaten, hung and tortured the slaves would pray to God and defend his actions on the basis of the Bible.

Who spoke more about the will of God ---- the Taliban or the Slave rapers and child sellers? It's a toss up. 

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  1. you have no clue about history and civil war history youre just downright stupid ....this website is Bullshit